Snow White

and the Wicked Stepmother Queen

I was surprised to find out that this story was about the catholic church (no offense to you catholics out there,  I didn’t write this story)  The Queen represents the Catholic church in all it’s wickedness (inquisitions, etc, etc) and Snow white represented the Presbyterians who were trying to separate from the church, you know pure as the snow and innocent. HA. The seven dwarfs were the seven smaller church states.

I suspect that there was some wickedness on both their parts because that’s just how human nature is.  Power is power and these people were fighting for it.  It’s a story that has lasted a long time though. I won’t lie…sometimes I’ve caught myself rooting for the Queen in this story because Snow White is just a little too perky and silly.  She never follows the very good advice given her.  That makes me think to myself…”hey, you should have listened and you got yourself into this situation”.  But then I remember one important fact…There are many many times when I haven’t listened.  I bet you can remember some of those times too.

Best case scenario, listen to your advisors that’s why you’ve gathered them around you. Worst case, don’t listen and learn the lesson you were meant to learn,  the hard way. Either way you learn.  I feel like you can probably learn your lessons without having to clean and cook for seven men though…just saying.

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