Alchemy was the ancient study of transmutation.  People wanted to turn stones into gold, and water into wine. No one ever found the secret, other than the spiritual masters, we read about.  Perhaps because alchemy is one of those magics that doesn’t work all that well on physical things.  But, dang….don’t we all want to have a little control over the physical world?  You know, so we can win the lottery, melt away pounds with our mind alone, scrunch our nose so that the housecleaning is done in a blink, set the keyboard to typing that long awaited novel, green up the earth, and do away with disease and pain, injustice and hunger? Heck yes, and that’s part of why so many fairy tales, and fantasy stories are so popular.  Harry Potter?  You betcha….we all want a little magic, along with a pet owl …lol

I think, though, that alchemy is more of a spiritual magic.  Aren’t we all alchemists in our own right?  We’re constantly changing from one thing to another, minute by minute, day by day.  Over time, we all hope to become that bright shining star of magical light.    The wizard of our own destiny, with  the hope of becoming more.  Not having more…but becoming more. ( I think I’m going to have a bumper sticker printed with that on it.  Don’t steal my idea.  Just saying.)  But it’s work people.  I’m here to tell you, it’s work.  You already knew that…. but I’m just writing it out loud.  Growing up is hard to do.  Growing beyond that , spiritually,  is harder.  To me anyway.  Some days are easier than others, mostly when I’m helping someone else…lol.  Way harder to just help myself.  Keep my eye on the horizon and remember the goal.  But that’s what I’m here to do.  Just that.  Not to get sidetracked, although I do daily.  So this little piece of artwork is to help me remember….because I learn visually.

You know in fairy tales how they always tell the heroine…”stay on the path?”  There’s a reason for that.  Because that’s the moral of every story.  No matter what. Stay on the path…. Bright shiny cupcake house just off the path?  Don’t do it!  Pretty jewels sparkling in a cave within sight of the path?  NO!  Dragon snoozing on a pile of money?  You know what will happen…don’t stray!!!   Stay on the path internet friends….stay on the path.

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