“Crow Up”

I was thinking that crows are the healers, the keeper of the unknown mysteries.  This piece reflects an idea that I had …where crows need to get “prayed up” in order to heal.  They have to go to that place where they can fill up on good healing energy in order to send it out to the world.  Just a thought I had.  People need that too sometimes.   It takes a lot of praying up and healing and patience sometimes to get by in this world.  For crows and people. True story…..

you know…sometimes I just look at my older children and think “Grow up”!  But I imagine they think the same thing when they look at me sometimes.  And really, everyone is growing at their own pace, the one that’s right for them.  So I remind myself about that often.  lol. really, really often some days.  So today I’m just thinking about crows, I swear.  This is a “no worrying about the children” day.

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