From one bright vision to another….



according to numerology…this is the year that I “find” my voice, speak my truth.  Yes I was playing with a numerology app.  Don’t judge me.  At first I thought to myself…hey self…you haven’t done anything, that numerology stuff is a load of hooey.  I went on to other chores and didn’t think about it again until I brought up my blog to update…lol.  Well, this was the year I began blogging, and writing more, trying to find my voice, etc, etc. And then it hit me.

I started to wonder then, what else am I not seeing.  As an artist, I kind of pride myself on seeing quite a lot of details.  A lot. But that just means there’s probably a lot of details that I miss.  A lot of details that could lead to big or little lessons on my path.  So, my prayer today is to notice stuff….don’t have to act on it….or judge it…just notice it.  Wonder what I’ll “see” next?

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