Easy at certain ages to look around at young people and say “Hooligans”!  But, these young people are expressing themselves…with tattoos, graffitti, blue hair, (which I personally am working up the bravery to get) dreadlock and piercings.

Is it the way I would express myself?  No!  Well except for the blue hair.  Should they express themselves the way I do?  NO, NO, NO!  This is their time, not mine. Although it’s hard to give up the idea that it’s mine, I won’t lie.  But it is their time to make their mark on the world.  In the way that’s meaningful to them.  Let’s face it.  We haven’t all done such a great job making our mark, so I’m willing to let them make theirs and see where it goes.  I’m even willing to support them making theirs.  They are bright young spirits and I have high hopes for them.  They’re willing to be a lot more creative with their looks and their thoughts than I was at their age!  So I’m high fiving their little tattooed hands! Go new generation….go!

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