Whoo is Green?

I’ve been listening to these political posturings for a couple weeks.  There have been some amazing and touching speeches and there has been some definite spin and posturing going on. As you can see…it’s begun to trickle into my artwork in a big way.  Who’s for medicaid and who’s not.  Who believes in birth control (I still think this is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in politics in my life)and a women’s right to choose and who’s not.  Who believes in equal pay for men and women (another ding dang crazy thought if I ever heard one) and who doesn’t.   Who thinks the rich should be taxed and who doesn’t.  Who thinks we should have saved the car industry and who doesn’t.  Who thinks America is sinking and who thinks it is floating. Who thinks some people should just get jobs and who thinks there is an entitlement issue.  Who believes in privatized health care and who thinks people should just get a job and pay for their own. etc, etc, ad infinitum and nauseum.

What about the real issues people?  Global warming is not a hoax.  There are children right here in America who go to bed hungry and don’t have healthcare.  Aren’t even eligible for it.  We don’t all start from the same playing field and we don’t all have the same opportunities.  I get that this is the American way.  But give me a break. It’s easy to say to people…”get a job”.  But the facts are..there aren’t always a lot of jobs out there for those with limited experience, or too much experience in some cases.  We’ve sent a lot of our jobs overseas.  And they aren’t coming back anytime soon.

There are viable members of society that will be truly hurt if education and pell grants are cut.  Really???  Are we going to argue about the benefits of educating the poorer sector of our economy, along with arguing about birth control??  What century is this?  We are not getting ready to argue about the right to vote for women and minorities are we?  Because that seems like it could be next on the list of inane things to argue about.

Let’s talk about the fact that Russia is NOT our enemy and hasn’t been the problem for years.  Let’s talk about the fact that we as an American people seem to be our own enemy.  We really don’t need to conjure up any or look out to the horizon to find some amorphous “trio of terror” or “axis of terrorists”  or whatever they were hyped up to be.

I know, don’t yell at me, we were attacked on 911,  And it was wrong and heinous.    And we countered  with force.  I’m not saying that there aren’t evil people in the world…I’m saying that the world is not evil.  I’m saying that just because someone thinks differently than you, lives differently than you, has a different religion than you, speaks a different language than you, makes less money than you,is a different sex than you, a different race than you, has different sexual preferences than you…they are not evil or even un-American.  Grow up for goodness sake.

There are some major issues that have to be dealt with so that our children and their children, and their children…can live in a clean, calm, peaceful, loving  world.  How about we start talking about those things?  How about we start teaching our children to live by the golden rule and to reach out and help those who can’t because they are someone who can?  How about we teach them that those who have been given so much, are expected to give much in return?  We are not superior because we happened to be born in this country.  We are lucky. How about we start acting like it?  How about we start being good stewards of our environment, our children, our national resources, our health, despite the fact that it costs money?    What if we could just flash a sign…”Wrong Way, Go Back” and people would remember that there is more to life than amassing things and money.  How would that be?

It would change the world is my thought.


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