“Foxed In”

Lately, I’ve been working on a series of how we humans encroach on the world of Nature and animals.  This latest was a feeling of being “boxed in” by people’s expectations…so naturally it flowed into my artwork.

Then I got to thinking…because that’s what I do.  How can we be boxed in by people’s expectations?  Really?  How could we even know what others expectations are?  I guess from their comments or actions, but even so….we don’t know what other people are thinking.  We just assume that they are thinking one way or another.  And isn’t it true that our inner “mean person”  usually takes the worse connotation from any comment/action and plays that thought out?  I’m thinking that the expectations are our own.  And those mean people out there?  They’re probably just shadows made up in our own heads.

Today…try not to be so mean to yourself.  You wouldn’t ever treat someone else as horribly as you do yourself.  Hey… while you’re thinking about it…do something loving and peaceful for the animals that coexist side by side with us all.

And for those of you out there who do have expectations of me that I haven’t met?  I’m sorry but I think you should get a life.  Or tell me very clearly what it is you want me to do.  I can’t read your mind and if I do…most likely I will get it all wrong.  Because that’s what happens when you assume that I know what you’re thinking or vice versa. Diggety dig it!


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