Lately I’m on sort of a fairy tale kick. In 1001 Arabian nights the kings’ wife cheats on him  and in his anger and pain…. he takes a new bride every night and then kills her in the morning.  Scheherazade created stories each night to keep from being killed.  She needed to be interesting enough to be kept alive until the next night.

I thought about this story enough for it to creep into my artwork.  It’s an interesting thing to go back and read fairy tales that you read when you were young.  As an adult, a lot of the stories are disturbing.  And not at all the way I remembered. A lot of western fairytales feature quite a few, fairly dumb heroines.  But this one has some interesting metaphors.

On one level, Scheherazade uses her language and dialogue and wit to help the King calm down and release his anger and pain.  Kind of that old saw about men being violent when they are hurt and women talking it out when they are hurt.  (Hey, I didn’t make it up,  someone else did).  It’s not her beauty or her waist size,  but her intellect that does the trick.  HMMMMM.  Nuff said about the difference in eastern and western fairytales…huh?

On another level, she hides behind the stories she tells in order to be safe.  Raise your hand if you’ve ever done that.

One of the Western philosophers said “a woman’s beauty lies in her silence”.  It’s taken women years to start recovering from that damn philosophy, and I’m pretty sure we’re not completely done riding that donkey yet…but maybe…. maybe, we’re finding our way with our stories.  Maybe we’re telling the story of who we are and who we want to be. Maybe the words spoken by women are telling the story of what could be in this society and on this earth.  Maybe our words are a guide rope helping us to find our way into the future.  Maybe.


Alchemy was the ancient study of transmutation.  People wanted to turn stones into gold, and water into wine. No one ever found the secret, other than the spiritual masters, we read about.  Perhaps because alchemy is one of those magics that doesn’t work all that well on physical things.  But, dang….don’t we all want to have a little control over the physical world?  You know, so we can win the lottery, melt away pounds with our mind alone, scrunch our nose so that the housecleaning is done in a blink, set the keyboard to typing that long awaited novel, green up the earth, and do away with disease and pain, injustice and hunger? Heck yes, and that’s part of why so many fairy tales, and fantasy stories are so popular.  Harry Potter?  You betcha….we all want a little magic, along with a pet owl …lol

I think, though, that alchemy is more of a spiritual magic.  Aren’t we all alchemists in our own right?  We’re constantly changing from one thing to another, minute by minute, day by day.  Over time, we all hope to become that bright shining star of magical light.    The wizard of our own destiny, with  the hope of becoming more.  Not having more…but becoming more. ( I think I’m going to have a bumper sticker printed with that on it.  Don’t steal my idea.  Just saying.)  But it’s work people.  I’m here to tell you, it’s work.  You already knew that…. but I’m just writing it out loud.  Growing up is hard to do.  Growing beyond that , spiritually,  is harder.  To me anyway.  Some days are easier than others, mostly when I’m helping someone else…lol.  Way harder to just help myself.  Keep my eye on the horizon and remember the goal.  But that’s what I’m here to do.  Just that.  Not to get sidetracked, although I do daily.  So this little piece of artwork is to help me remember….because I learn visually.

You know in fairy tales how they always tell the heroine…”stay on the path?”  There’s a reason for that.  Because that’s the moral of every story.  No matter what. Stay on the path…. Bright shiny cupcake house just off the path?  Don’t do it!  Pretty jewels sparkling in a cave within sight of the path?  NO!  Dragon snoozing on a pile of money?  You know what will happen…don’t stray!!!   Stay on the path internet friends….stay on the path.

“Crow Up”

I was thinking that crows are the healers, the keeper of the unknown mysteries.  This piece reflects an idea that I had …where crows need to get “prayed up” in order to heal.  They have to go to that place where they can fill up on good healing energy in order to send it out to the world.  Just a thought I had.  People need that too sometimes.   It takes a lot of praying up and healing and patience sometimes to get by in this world.  For crows and people. True story…..

you know…sometimes I just look at my older children and think “Grow up”!  But I imagine they think the same thing when they look at me sometimes.  And really, everyone is growing at their own pace, the one that’s right for them.  So I remind myself about that often.  lol. really, really often some days.  So today I’m just thinking about crows, I swear.  This is a “no worrying about the children” day.

From there to here….

They say that time is not linear.  That all moments sort of co-exist with one another.   They…being those quantum physics people.  But if that’s true..than all of these moments with my son are coexisting somewhere right now.  The one above…and this one…

and this one…

this Nick….

and this one….


 that little boy is running right along side this one…

but to me…it seems a long time ago that he was that little boy in the first photo and it also seems like just yesterday.  Time goes by so quickly.  Nick is 15 today and I can’t imagine how we got from there to here.!   I know that all of those moments coexist within me though.  They are all overlaid one upon another inside of my head and heart, so that when I look at him…I see all of them.  And all of him.  Nick is one of those beautiful souls that you don’t often meet.  I’m so proud that I got the chance to be his Mom!  He has always made me think in quantum, esoteric terms…just something about the way his mind works and the person he is..brings those kind of thoughts up.  We should all have someone in our lives who can do that for us!  Happy Birthday Son!


Here in the mountains the rain continues to pour down.  The literal weight of all that water on the senses is amazing.  We’ve had about 3 inches and they think we will have quite a bit more.   I’ve been staring out the window at the plants and apple trees, birds and,  at one point,  my golden retriever being pushed about by literally gallons of water.

Something about all this water makes me remember that I’m a part of this earth.  That we all are…plants animals, insects,  humans.  Earthlings all of us.

From one bright vision to another….



according to numerology…this is the year that I “find” my voice, speak my truth.  Yes I was playing with a numerology app.  Don’t judge me.  At first I thought to myself…hey self…you haven’t done anything, that numerology stuff is a load of hooey.  I went on to other chores and didn’t think about it again until I brought up my blog to update…lol.  Well, this was the year I began blogging, and writing more, trying to find my voice, etc, etc. And then it hit me.

I started to wonder then, what else am I not seeing.  As an artist, I kind of pride myself on seeing quite a lot of details.  A lot. But that just means there’s probably a lot of details that I miss.  A lot of details that could lead to big or little lessons on my path.  So, my prayer today is to notice stuff….don’t have to act on it….or judge it…just notice it.  Wonder what I’ll “see” next?


Easy at certain ages to look around at young people and say “Hooligans”!  But, these young people are expressing themselves…with tattoos, graffitti, blue hair, (which I personally am working up the bravery to get) dreadlock and piercings.

Is it the way I would express myself?  No!  Well except for the blue hair.  Should they express themselves the way I do?  NO, NO, NO!  This is their time, not mine. Although it’s hard to give up the idea that it’s mine, I won’t lie.  But it is their time to make their mark on the world.  In the way that’s meaningful to them.  Let’s face it.  We haven’t all done such a great job making our mark, so I’m willing to let them make theirs and see where it goes.  I’m even willing to support them making theirs.  They are bright young spirits and I have high hopes for them.  They’re willing to be a lot more creative with their looks and their thoughts than I was at their age!  So I’m high fiving their little tattooed hands! Go new generation….go!

Aware that everything can’t be black or white….

Wouldn’t be nice if everyone could get that everything is not black or white?  I mean, sure…I’m a pretty black and white person when it comes to murder, child abuse, animal abuse the horrid stuff like that.   But hey, there’s a lot of other colors out there ranging from grey to white.  It’s not the worst thing in the world to try and understand someone else’s point of view once in a while.  You don’t have to adopt it.  Just stand in their shoes, momentarily,  and see of you can get where they’re coming from.

It would be so boring if everyone believed the same thing, wore the same thing, looked the same way!  Yuck!  Diversity of opinion is not such a bad thing.  And if you can’t get on board with someone else’s opinion,lifestyle, belief…… I’m saying… least treat the other person with some respect.  Realize that you don’t have all the answers, that we need diversity in this country in order to overcome our obstacles. Give peace a chance….be a little more moderate in your arguments today and try not to be so inflammatory.  Send some peaceful energy out into the universe.  We all need it.

Job Seeker

Is there any thing worse than looking for a dang job?  I guess the answer would be not finding one.  Maybe the prospect of having to start again, anew?  New job, new responsibilities, new team members, new personalities.

Each resume is sent off with love and care and hope.  What happened to the day when someone would at least let you know that a job had been filled?  Those days are gone according to my friends who are looking themselves. There’s a lot of Americans out there looking.  A lot.  And while the job market has picked up for some markets, it certainly hasn’t for others.  So I’ve done up this little job seeking angel.  For those of you who need it.  Because it would be great to be a peaceful job seeker rather than an anxious, fearful one.  That may be asking too much though.  Just saying.

Corruption Starts here…

Another in my series titled “Corruption Starts here”.

I was thinking today about criticism.  I’ve always kind of seen it as violent.  Don’t laugh but I have, I don’t like confrontation and I don’t like people to be in an uproar.  But I read something yesterday that had me thinking.  If you never do anything….no one ever criticizes you. Do they?  I mean if you hide out, keep your head low, don’t make waves, be nice, meet everyone’s expectations…what do you accomplish in life?  Not much other than no one criticizes you.  Is it worth it?  I don’t think so.  I think the people who truly live each moment of their wonderful, amazing lives….create controversy and draw criticism.  Just a thought internet friends…just a thought.