As the Crow Flies….

We have a saying here in the south…”as the crow flies”.  Meaning, if you could go in a straight line….over the obstacles….you would be closer to your destination than going around.  Well there’s just so dang much I can say about this thought, on just about every level…isn’t there?

If we all had wings, we would get there faster is one way to look at it.  We are all trying to fly on some level.  I know we are.  Don’t be lagging in the back of the crowd acting like you don’t want to.  Everyone wants to soar.  And to soar over every obstacle and just get your work done on a spiritual and metaphysical level.  Well wouldn’t that be wonderful?  Maybe it would.  Then again, maybe not.   I’m not so sure.

Because here’s what I know about the long way around.  The “scenic route”. There’s an awful lot of details that you would miss if you took the shortcut.  Aren’t there?  We also say in the south…”the devils’ in the details”.  I don’t even know what that means.  I’m pretty sure that Heaven is in the details.  That long journey that is your life….well it has so many beautiful details doesn’t it?  Your child’s first laugh.  Sunsets and stars. Kisses and beautiful music.  Twinkly lights.  Birthday cake and rosebuds. Fireflys and rainstorms. Love, and Peace and Joy.  Hard to see all that from 1000 feet in the sky.

Of course…you’d miss all the lows if you flew too.  I know that.  I can hear you muttering under your breath.  I can.  No one wants to go through all those.  Death and illness, anxiety and pain. Hurricanes and tornadoes.  Suffering and starvation.  Worry,Worry, Worry.  Yep.  You’d miss all that and I can see that as a valid arguement.

But here’s my thought for what its worth.  I’m an artist.  I know that you need shadows for highlights.  Otherwise, your art is just bland.  No way around it.  So maybe you need those lows in order to appreciate the highs.  Maybe you need that journey, to be able to fly in the end.  Maybe you can have both.  Just my thought for the day.

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