I think I’d know if I had an Owl on my head….

Isn’t it funny what you think you know?  About yourself and others?  Today is my daughter’s 21st birthday.  I had no clue that this day would show up in my life so fast.  I was pretty sure the day she was born that I knew,  and would guide her through life’s ups and downs.  Those of you who are mothers out there ….well you’re laughing right now.  Much like God does when you tell her what you think is going to happen.

I listened to Savvy tell me her child rearing theories the other night.  Hey some of them were spot on.  Some of them made Evan and I laugh.  Not because they aren’t well thought out, educated and compassionate…but because life just doesn’t always create the “perfect” atmosphere to raise children.  These are the things you don’t take into account when you’re thinking of  raising children…

1. vomit…sorry just had to get that one in there..lol….be prepared to deal with it alot.

2. The great cosmic plan for your life.

4. Your childs wishes (and believe me they come into this world with their own plan)

5. Other people.

6. Your mistakes.

7. Your gifts and talents.

8. Their gifts and talents.

the list could go on and on.  So next time you’re planning your child’s life…take a look in the mirror.  How well did your parents’ plan for you,  fit with what you were looking for in life?  I thought so.  We all come into this world with our very own plan that needs to be fulfilled.  Notice the owl on your own head before you go looking for someone elses.

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