Peace like an Otter…

kind of speaks for itself huh?  While we argue about taxes and who gets to keep the most money, the middle class or the rich, and who’s going to pay for medicare and what religion the president believes and freaking birth control…… the real issues that will effect my children, and grandchildren and their children, the earth and it’s inhabitants, go unspoken and are minimalized.

It’s kind of like being on the titanic and watching the musicians play because we paid for the ticket and feel like we have to enjoy the music.  Good grief.

How about the fact that we’re the only mammals on earth that spoil their habitat and make it unusable.  How about that huh?  And how about the fact that we’re the only animals on earth that have more children than we can feed? (how about that when you’re arguing about dang birth control)  Or what about the fact that our petroleum based economies are polluting the air and the earth that we need to live?  What about the dang greenhouse effect?  And the animals that are nearly extinct, because we thought we had the right to cause those marvelous creations to be killed, or used, or we took away their habitat.  I find it incomprehensible.

Or let’s talk about the simple things…most children don’t have a clue where their food comes from or how to grow it.  Or their water.   In America.  Lots of adults probably don’t either.  Bottom line there are people all over the earth starving while we throw away food, because we worked hard and it’s our right to waste if we want to.  People are lining up to get into America so that they can have the right to throw their food away too.

I used to think that a large group of people would have to get on board with ideas to make them manifest in the world.  I’m not sure of that anymore.  I wonder if it doesn’t take just a few committed people.  But I, like everyone else , kept waiting for someone else to get started.  You know…so I could join them.  That way I wouldn’t have to figure it out for myself. Guess what…I’m going to have to figure it out for myself.  That’s not so fun…lol.  But, I’m determined.  I’m pretty sure it’s easier to turn around the Titanic than to rescue the survivors.  So when it’s time to vote…think about what you’re voting for.  Your pocketbook….or the future of your children and the earth.  I know it’s a hard decision.  Neithor party is really on board with any of this.  But listen, the candidates put forth are a reflection of our values in society.  If we change our values, then we will have different candidates.  That’s one thing I am sure of.

I’m not sure how to change any of the rest of it.  But I am thinking about it, and that means a lot of people out there are too.  We’re smart and capable and,  well fed compared to a lot of the world. We can come up with solutions.

So even if you’ve paid for your ticket in advance on that old outmoded way of thinking….  It’s time to pull over the Titanic.  I want off the boat.

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