But, I love you….


I was sitting in the living room yesterday…minding my own business. Looked out on the deck, and there was a gorgeous bluebird driving off a pigeon from the feeder.  And he was mad…. as well…. as a wet hen.  A few minutes later…they were both eating peacefully at the feeder.  Their little bird dispute forgotten and both happily munching away.  One might even say they were getting kind of chummy.

If they were on a reality show….there would have been some great back story as to what the fuss was about.  But they aren’t.  Although I did make one up in my head when I drew Mr. Bluebird on the attack.  Something about unrequited love.  Because that’s what every argument is about right?  Feeling a lack of love. Just a thought. Could be wrong ….but I doubt I am.

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