From the Mouths of Cubs

Yesterday I asked my son if he was excited to be starting school.  He said, “If I was excited about tomorrow, what would happen to today”?  In other words, he was determined to stay in the now.  Oh wise young cub…lol.   A few minutes later, he ruined the mood by growling at me for being in his room.

He often reminds me of a young bear.  Cuddly and cute from a distance, but get too close or cross his boundaries, and you’re liable to get some aggressive behavior.  Evan has explained to me that he is filled with testosterone (in other words a powerful aggressive drug is running thru his system) and we have to handle him with caution until he gets used to it.  Don’t confront the bear if you can avoid it.  I’m not always good with this and every now and then I will call “crap” on all that. I’m the alpha female and everyone better back up.  Including this young man.  And he does back up when I get really upset….then bombards me with yards of logic and facts(some of which are true and some that he just states with certainty whethor true or not) until I leave.  This being the equivalent in nature of throwing poop  at me. ….lol.

He is growing straight and strong and I am getting glimpses of the man he will be.  He often amazes me.  And frustrates the heck out of me.  All normal, all stages that he needs to go through in order to become an adult.   Cubs grow up to become bears…. just like my son will grow up to be a man.  All happening way too fast for this Mama Bear.

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