As the Crow Flies….

We have a saying here in the south…”as the crow flies”.  Meaning, if you could go in a straight line….over the obstacles….you would be closer to your destination than going around.  Well there’s just so dang much I can say about this thought, on just about every level…isn’t there?

If we all had wings, we would get there faster is one way to look at it.  We are all trying to fly on some level.  I know we are.  Don’t be lagging in the back of the crowd acting like you don’t want to.  Everyone wants to soar.  And to soar over every obstacle and just get your work done on a spiritual and metaphysical level.  Well wouldn’t that be wonderful?  Maybe it would.  Then again, maybe not.   I’m not so sure.

Because here’s what I know about the long way around.  The “scenic route”. There’s an awful lot of details that you would miss if you took the shortcut.  Aren’t there?  We also say in the south…”the devils’ in the details”.  I don’t even know what that means.  I’m pretty sure that Heaven is in the details.  That long journey that is your life….well it has so many beautiful details doesn’t it?  Your child’s first laugh.  Sunsets and stars. Kisses and beautiful music.  Twinkly lights.  Birthday cake and rosebuds. Fireflys and rainstorms. Love, and Peace and Joy.  Hard to see all that from 1000 feet in the sky.

Of course…you’d miss all the lows if you flew too.  I know that.  I can hear you muttering under your breath.  I can.  No one wants to go through all those.  Death and illness, anxiety and pain. Hurricanes and tornadoes.  Suffering and starvation.  Worry,Worry, Worry.  Yep.  You’d miss all that and I can see that as a valid arguement.

But here’s my thought for what its worth.  I’m an artist.  I know that you need shadows for highlights.  Otherwise, your art is just bland.  No way around it.  So maybe you need those lows in order to appreciate the highs.  Maybe you need that journey, to be able to fly in the end.  Maybe you can have both.  Just my thought for the day.

I think I’d know if I had an Owl on my head….

Isn’t it funny what you think you know?  About yourself and others?  Today is my daughter’s 21st birthday.  I had no clue that this day would show up in my life so fast.  I was pretty sure the day she was born that I knew,  and would guide her through life’s ups and downs.  Those of you who are mothers out there ….well you’re laughing right now.  Much like God does when you tell her what you think is going to happen.

I listened to Savvy tell me her child rearing theories the other night.  Hey some of them were spot on.  Some of them made Evan and I laugh.  Not because they aren’t well thought out, educated and compassionate…but because life just doesn’t always create the “perfect” atmosphere to raise children.  These are the things you don’t take into account when you’re thinking of  raising children…

1. vomit…sorry just had to get that one in….be prepared to deal with it alot.

2. The great cosmic plan for your life.

4. Your childs wishes (and believe me they come into this world with their own plan)

5. Other people.

6. Your mistakes.

7. Your gifts and talents.

8. Their gifts and talents.

the list could go on and on.  So next time you’re planning your child’s life…take a look in the mirror.  How well did your parents’ plan for you,  fit with what you were looking for in life?  I thought so.  We all come into this world with our very own plan that needs to be fulfilled.  Notice the owl on your own head before you go looking for someone elses.

Awaiting further instructions…..

So….you know how when you’re sick you have lots of free time, but you don’t feel well enough to do a dang thing?  Well, I do some of my best and worst thinking when I’m sick.  It’s a sort of a coccooning type thing. This time however; I just didn’t even feel well enough to think…lol.

And it suddenly occurred to me…I’m waiting for further instructions.  As you may have noticed, I’m a binge creator.  I create loads of art in short periods of time.  Then, there’s just this blank slate.  During this period, I can’t think of a darn thing I want to make, paint, sculpt, sew or craft.  Nothing. My mind is blank.

Suddenly I realized….this is sort of a spiritual thing for me right now too.   I’m at that stage in my life.  I’m in self-imposed retreat until the next big thing.  All you creative types, know about “the next big thing”.  I know you do. I’ve turned inwards in order to find what I’m supposed to be doing next.  I read somewhere that this is called the retreat stage and next is the “mission, and then the “visionary” stage.

First, something ruptures. you get fired.  you lose all your money. Tragedy strikes. It may be subtle. But the bottom line is that life as you know it fractures. So you go into retreat.  You spend time and money(don’t forget that, cause you don’t really have a lot coming in usually) trying to figure out who you are and what you should be doing.

At some point, a mission crystallizes. It grows into a powerful..”this is what I should be doing with my life” feeling.  That means its time to start your engines. Get with investors, write a blog, publish a book, paint, dance in the moonlight…whatever.  Just get started on it.

Then you have to become a visonary for your mission.  This is when you start to look like a crazy person.  You most likely need,  a bath, some hair color, and some toenail polish.  true story.  Probably your friends and family start to talk amongst themselves about what they should do about you.This is the point where your friends and family start describing your life as a train wreck and your kids feel that your life is a cautionary tale.  But the thing to remember is that they don’t know.  Only you know what your vision for your life looks like.  Only you.  And unfortunately for you…all you have to guide yourself with is a feeling…in your gut…that you are on the right path.

And then, hopefully, there’s the payout. I’m not there yet…but I can feel that it’s out there somewhere.  I know this stage is where your life starts to take off and make sense.  You’re living peacefully with purpose because you took this time to be here, right now, waiting and working hard to faithfully grow wings with every ounce of will you possess.    So that one day, you can fly.   You just have to have faith and peace in the process even when you’re terrified.  Especially then. Can’t fly sitting on the ground safely waiting for the net to appear.  You don’t need a net on the ground.   Nothing better than that dang story is there?



Peace like an Otter…

kind of speaks for itself huh?  While we argue about taxes and who gets to keep the most money, the middle class or the rich, and who’s going to pay for medicare and what religion the president believes and freaking birth control…… the real issues that will effect my children, and grandchildren and their children, the earth and it’s inhabitants, go unspoken and are minimalized.

It’s kind of like being on the titanic and watching the musicians play because we paid for the ticket and feel like we have to enjoy the music.  Good grief.

How about the fact that we’re the only mammals on earth that spoil their habitat and make it unusable.  How about that huh?  And how about the fact that we’re the only animals on earth that have more children than we can feed? (how about that when you’re arguing about dang birth control)  Or what about the fact that our petroleum based economies are polluting the air and the earth that we need to live?  What about the dang greenhouse effect?  And the animals that are nearly extinct, because we thought we had the right to cause those marvelous creations to be killed, or used, or we took away their habitat.  I find it incomprehensible.

Or let’s talk about the simple things…most children don’t have a clue where their food comes from or how to grow it.  Or their water.   In America.  Lots of adults probably don’t either.  Bottom line there are people all over the earth starving while we throw away food, because we worked hard and it’s our right to waste if we want to.  People are lining up to get into America so that they can have the right to throw their food away too.

I used to think that a large group of people would have to get on board with ideas to make them manifest in the world.  I’m not sure of that anymore.  I wonder if it doesn’t take just a few committed people.  But I, like everyone else , kept waiting for someone else to get started.  You know…so I could join them.  That way I wouldn’t have to figure it out for myself. Guess what…I’m going to have to figure it out for myself.  That’s not so fun…lol.  But, I’m determined.  I’m pretty sure it’s easier to turn around the Titanic than to rescue the survivors.  So when it’s time to vote…think about what you’re voting for.  Your pocketbook….or the future of your children and the earth.  I know it’s a hard decision.  Neithor party is really on board with any of this.  But listen, the candidates put forth are a reflection of our values in society.  If we change our values, then we will have different candidates.  That’s one thing I am sure of.

I’m not sure how to change any of the rest of it.  But I am thinking about it, and that means a lot of people out there are too.  We’re smart and capable and,  well fed compared to a lot of the world. We can come up with solutions.

So even if you’ve paid for your ticket in advance on that old outmoded way of thinking….  It’s time to pull over the Titanic.  I want off the boat.

And Sharks Circle…

And sharks circle endlessly

Soft water glitters with the moon

Liquid velvet and flash

Of fin and skin and scale and hair

I wish I had been born with wings…


Arabesque of bodies and love

Blue and green dappled light

Mysteries of dolphin and whale

But, I wish I had been born with wings…


Sirens and ships and shore

Seaweeds delicate caress

Treasure troves and supple tension

Yet, I wish I had been born with wings….


Familiar tales and tail

Moonlit crescents of  delicate coral

Magical domain lit with a glow

Still I ache for the sky and air

And wish I had been born with wings….


You Can Blame Others…or You can Save Yourself

Either or.  Not both I’ve decided.  IT’s a funny thing about lessons.  They come when you need them right?  But in my case, I often notice a lesson playing out for others, before I realize that the dang lesson is for me.  So I’m going along watching others struggle with something and feeling like I got it and then I realize…dang the lesson is for me…not for them. Or maybe it’s for them…but it’s for me too.

This particular lesson has come up about ten times in the last four or five days.  Because, you know, I couldn’t get it the first time.  So, I’ve found myself , hypocritically, trying to point this lesson out to those around me. While not really practicing this little piece of spiritual advice myself.   I hate when I’m a hypocrite.  Ugh.

So, today, I sat with this thought while going about my other responsibilities.  Hey universe…I get it.  Blaming others leads to a whole lot of victim hood, depression, fear blah blah. Then I thought for awhile about how you can avoid blaming others.  At first, I was kind of like…”hey, other people do wrong you sometimes.  Other people can be wrong.  Murderers for instance…child abusers, people who interfere with your joy and happiness.  That is all true I said to myself.  Dang right it’s true I answered myself back!  Still…what’s the answer to not blaming?

I suspect that the answer is different for different people.  But here’s what I came up with if it helps…

1.  Identify the problem.  Take a real realistic honest look at what is really bothering you.  Look at it from different perspectives.  What makes it better?  What would make your feelings about it change?

2. Face your fears…take responsibility for resolving it.  No one is going to fix it for you.

3. Don’t waste your time feeling bad and doing nothing.  Do something.  And if you can’t do something now…then let it go until you can.

And last but not least…something I learned from Marianne Williamson….Pray hard for the person who you feel has wronged you. For days.  Either it will change them or it will change how you feel about what they did.

Now, if I can just put all that into practice…laughter…I’ll let you know.



Turtle Bubbles

I saw a box turtle crossing the road yesterday.  It reminded me of a time when my son was little and he asked me…”do turtles blow bubbles”?  It was probably the gazillionith question of the day and I can remember telling him yes. Positive answers would usually work better than …”I don’t know”…lol.  But of course, I didn’t know.  Still don’t.

I wish I had asked him why he asked.  What was going thru his mind?  I know that I was caught up, at the time, with just getting thru the day with a young, very persistent toddler.  Looking back , I know that some of my very best memories( with the kids) came about thru questioning what they were thinking.  Because kids are not constrained, trained, and indocrinated with so many judgements and “knowledge”  as us grownups….they come up with some lovely thoughts and some “outside of the box” ideas.

I volunteered for several hours yesterday ,at a nonprofit, and I was determined to ask some of the kids what they were thinking.  I asked a little six year old hispanic boy what he was thinking when I noticed him staring at me.  He smiled a huge gap toothed smile and said…”You have pretty teeth”.  Lol.  He was missing his two front teeth and so was enamored with mine.  One little hispanic girl standing next to him chimed in and told me…”when you have nice teeth it makes your skin lighter.”  She told me that her mother told her that people with nice teeth look lighter skinned and that was a good thing.  I told her that her skin was beautiful and so was she.  It made me a little sad that they have already picked up the “skin” judgements.  I ran out of time because all the kids got into a discussion about  Next time I volunteer, I will be sure to ask for some more thoughts from these young people who will be creating the world we live in one day.

Next time you’re spending time with a young child…ask them what they are thinking, I don’t doubt that it will brighten your day.

But, I love you….


I was sitting in the living room yesterday…minding my own business. Looked out on the deck, and there was a gorgeous bluebird driving off a pigeon from the feeder.  And he was mad…. as well…. as a wet hen.  A few minutes later…they were both eating peacefully at the feeder.  Their little bird dispute forgotten and both happily munching away.  One might even say they were getting kind of chummy.

If they were on a reality show….there would have been some great back story as to what the fuss was about.  But they aren’t.  Although I did make one up in my head when I drew Mr. Bluebird on the attack.  Something about unrequited love.  Because that’s what every argument is about right?  Feeling a lack of love. Just a thought. Could be wrong ….but I doubt I am.

Movie Star Challenge – Kristen Chenoweth and Johnny Depp



One of the art forums that I frequent had a challenge.  Draw movie stars because everyone is so obsessed with them.  I thought it was funny that I chose the ones I did based on whether I wanted to draw their clothes…lol.  I just don’t follow movie stars that much.  That’s not to say that I don’t watch movies and like them.  I just don’t follow the people in real life.  Anyhoo…here they are and what a nice break they were from having to imagine something in my head.  I know.  It seems odd to say that… but artists have to have their imagination going 24-7.  It’s nice sometimes to just create art from real life.  Take a break.  Not think too much.  Just saying.