The Journey


I’ve spent the weekend trying to prepare, somewhat, for the hubs having surgery.  I was thinking (as I was vacuuming and trying to get ahead of the list of things I have to do) about journaling and blogging.

I’ve kept an art journal for about eight years now.They’re not meant to be pretty, or something to be left to future generations.  They’re meant as a way for me to work out what I’m feeling, thinking, obsessing over.  Taken as a whole they are also witness to my journey.  Yes, I’m going to come right out and say it….My spiritual journey.  My evolution as a growing, thinking, spiritual person.  I can see that I’ve been trying to make sense of the spiritual side of my life as I go about my daily, yearly, lifely tasks. (yes I know lifely is not a word, but it just worked in that sentence so don’t hate) . I,  and I suspect you too, try to glimpse the meaning of life while being immersed in the mundane.

Then the world of blogging came along.  It’s a way to put out into the world, your thoughts, feelings, and the challenges that you are working on in your life.  It’s one more connection, one more colorful thread out there in the ethernet.  More and more, I see people writing, and trying to make sense in a very public way of who they are and why they are here.  Each day bloggers are reflecting on their lives.  That right there is an amazing thing in this day and age of fast and speedy consumption.  A pause in each bloggers life to stop and take stock of where they are and where they want to be.  Maybe a return to a different rhythm, when life moved just a little slower and there was more of a connection with self.  I don’t know, but I like it.  It’s a little like writing letters to yourself, this blogging thing….and as often as not, getting a response.

So today while I’m worrying about the stuff my honey has to go thru tomorrow….perhaps one of you out there is reading this and sending good thoughts my way.  Just as I send them winging toward you when I read about your challenges.  Don’t think that doesn’t change the world we live in, because I can tell you I’m certain it does.  Count on it and take a moment to be grateful for the connection.  I know I am.

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