Life is, essentially, unsafe


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about those poor people in the Colorado movie theater.  They were just out to have a fun evening watching the newest movie, and disaster struck for them.   It was a perfect example of how your choices affect the world around you.  I’m grieving for those who were injured and the one who did the injuring.  Hurt people each and every one.  And as Oprah says…”Hurt people, hurt people.”  I have to say right upfront, I don’t watch the news.  I find it very oppressing.  It makes me anxious in ways that are too varied to describe.  I can tell you for a fact though, if you’re thinking of going on a news free diet…you don’t have to worry about being uninformed.  When there is a tragedy, especially then, people will make sure that you know about it.

My young adult children had wanted to see that movie.  Several went and the other said she would not ever go to see it.  She didn’t feel safe. I could sympathize with her.  But I’ve come to understand that we can’t really control our safety.  Oh we can certainly maximize it.  Eating right, exercising, not walking in downtown areas at midnight, locking doors.  But life, life is so dang seemingly random sometimes.  I mean, I know there is a bigger pattern and it’s lovely to know that, but sometimes that doesn’t help when you’re faced with the big fear.  I’m not sure what will help, maybe nothing in the moment.  But I do know that we have to enjoy moments of safety and be grateful for them when we have them.  And I also know that the opposite of fear is Love.  I know that too.

So, today, I will try very hard to revel in the moments of love.  I think that if at the end of your life…you can string many moments of love together like those little, sparkly christmas lights, more moments of love than fear or hatred….then your life will have been a bright and magical place.  Not a dark and scary one.  I think the light will brighten the dark so that when the dark times happen….you will be able to see what you need to see and overcome what you need to overcome.  And that might be the answer to feeling unsafe,  in the end.  Shining a light.

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