Red Headed Stepchild

Yes I know it’s politically incorrect.  I don’t even know where the saying came from because I, personally, would love to have red hair.  However; when I was growing up, this statement was used for a certain feeling.  A feeling like you weren’t as good as someone else, or you were left out of the good things when they came around. Raise your hand if you’ve had that feeling before?  Hey people raise your hand because I know we’ve all had this feeling. So what to do if you have that feeling?  In my case, you journal.  With pretty colors.

But also, it’s about realizing that we are all creating our own reality.  (I know that sucks right?)  But we are.  So none of us are redheaded step children.  We are all just children in the cosmic classroom sense.  Working and worrying our way on our path to knowing ourselves.  True story.  But not a popular one.

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