Why Am I here…


Why am I here…no not on earth….but here in blogworld?  Here’s a little insight into how my brain works. When it’s working.   Originally I thought…”hey Self, I’ve got something to share with the world.”  But “self” is lazy.  Self said, “hey, it’s too much work, you’ll get tired of it quickly, you’re not a writer, or much of an artist really and no one will read your blog, it’s just one more thing to do.” I then had to beat “self” with a stick. I told “self” that “the person who says something is impossible should not interrupt the person doing it.”  Then I hopped onto the internet and learned how to get a blog up.  sort of.

But back to my point. The real question I’ve been asking myself is …why am I doing this?  What’s my plan?  Where am I headed?  You know, in some ways (not all) I’m a non-conformist.  I can’t really get with the program that I was taught many years ago…to work my life away in the quest for more and more bigger and better things.  (Mom I didn’t say you taught me that) And I sort of like some things, to be honest.  You know, like a home and art supplies and food. Well and good books, and comfortable shoes. You know, the important things.  However; more and more I really love “time”.  Time to grow and learn and be.  Time to spend with my quickly growing children.  Time to think and ponder.  Time to write and create.  Wonderful, huge great gobs of time.  And really, time = freedom doesn’t it?  But again I’m getting off track.

Back to the question, why am I here? I do have an answer. Just not a good one.

I haven’t figured it out yet…but when I do…  I will so let you know.  In the meantime, like my art, I’m meandering along finding my path in blogworld.


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