Birthday Season…

Here at our house, it’s Birthday season.  We’ve got four children’s birthdays in the next three months, my mom and my sister Tam, and my other sister Karyn.  A lot of birthdays.  My daughter will be twenty one this birthday and that’s a big one.  Then christmas rolls around soon after.  You may be laughing and saying “Christmas”? you’re thinking about that in July?  Dang right I am.  Evan and I have six children between us, along with our family members.  It’s a lot of Christmas to deal with.   So…my mind is occupied with making and cherishing and,  and saving money…lol.  How can I do it all, make a big deal out of it, have everyone feel precious and loved,  and not spend too much money for each occasion?.  Any ideas are welcome from you!!!

Those of you who know me may be saying…hey Fonda, just make them something.  It’s true, I am a binge creator.  But, my family members have tons of stuff I have made them.  It gets harder and harder each time to just give them more and more of my “stuff”.  I suspect they get tired of it really.  And funny thing, kids don’t really want a piece of art for their birthday.  lol.  Who knew right?  They want things like macs and iphones and clothes.  Can’t make those. So if you see me around with my head in the clouds, you’ll know why.  I’m conjuring up birthday presents…from thin air.

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