Orchard Road Buzz

I was looking at some beeswax this morning. I know, welcome to my life.   I don’t know where it came from (ok I know it comes from bees..lol) I don’t know how I acquired it.  I was thinking about bees after that,  though.  Bees are in trouble.  Scientists don’t know why…they speculate that it could be all the pesticides or cellphone signals or viruses.  Who knows.  But here’s what I do know that I didn’t know before my life on an apple orchard.  We actually have to hire someone to bring bee hives to our orchard each year to pollinate the apples.  True story.  Then they come and pick up the hives when it’s time to start spraying the trees.  So without bees…no apples, or most other veggies and fruit either.  not an awesome thought.  at all.  And with this continuing heat, bees, birds, lots of small animals are suffering from lack of water.  So today, we will begin putting out bowls of water on the deck.  To try to help.  In a small way.  Unless it rains.  Even then, the heat is so bad, we’ll still probably put out water.  And yes I know that the above photo is not a honey bee….but he was hanging out letting me take his picture.

This is Bertha the “hedgehog”.  That’s what I call them.  The Hubs calls them something different.  He calls them groundhogs.  Not nearly as good as hedgehogs in my personal opinion.  She lives by the pond which is dangerously low.  She will let me take her photo from the car, but she is surprisingly fast and a little intimadating when you walk up on her.  Don’t do it.  I think she has pups.

My daughter decided that since it was a holiday we should have some family fun.  She’s hates being outdoors so I was surprised when she decided we should do something outside.  It did not go well.  I know right?  But I can tell you that for myself, I was glad to watch the water for a few minutes and relax.

This is my daughter’s foot.  I’m not allowed to take unauthorized photos of her.  NOT.  I should have known that she would not like the family fun day outside.  In her defense, she’s allergic to everything outside.  And it’s 100 degrees.  And there’s walking involved (she always hated that) and there are no bathrooms.  (She is not someone who will go in the woods)  But in my defense, it was her idea.  Oh well…nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Of course, my son didn’t like it either.   No cell phone service. I wasn’t allowed to take a photo of any part of him…lol. Teenagers sheessh!!!.






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