So I volunteered today at a non-profit.  One that helps high risk children, and low income kids, and everything in between.  I saw lots of bright smiling faces.  Lots of sad ones too.  Lots of little ones that just need some encouragement.  Quite a few that didn’t need one bit of encouragement and told me “I got this”.

But one, stood out.  I worked with a happy happy little girl today who is deaf.  This amazing child was just happy to hold my hand, put purple makeup under my eyes and have me walk her to the water fountain.  Just that.  She wasn’t the least bit upset to be in a world meant for someone with five senses.  On the contrary, she simply giggled and moved on when she couldn’t understand what was being said.  I watched her write a love note to someone in her family and tape it up securely.  Happy to communicate her love to a family member.  When I left, she threw herself at me and hugged me tight.  I watched her hug every staff member she came in contact with today.  My wish for everyone is that they be able to face this world with the optimism and happiness that this little girl showed every moment of the day, today.  Wow.  Just half of her optimism would change this world….and she certainly impacted my life with her happy ways.  I’m grateful today to have met her.

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