104 degrees…are you kidding me?

They say (those weather people) that it will be 104 degrees here today.  What’s up with the weather?  This year has been hard on the apple orchard. Not just our farming projects but all of our many farming neighbors.   It got warm early and we lost 90% of our crop of apples.  Now the ones that are left are not getting enough water and some are cooking on the dang trees. Or malformed.  Heartbreaking.  I look out over acres and acres of trees each day.  I talk to those trees and tell them what a good job they’re doing.  Everyone needs to hear that, even trees. But,  they can’t do their jobs if the weather doesn’t cooperate with them.

Very soon, I will have several acres of pumpkins growing this year too.  I’ve been looking forward to all that orange.  You gotta love the addition of orange to a landscape right?  But, if we don’t start getting some steady rain…that won’t happen either.  No “Great Pumpkin” to commune with either.  And hey…I want to commune with the Great Pumpkin!!  Just imagine all that color and form just outside my window.

So, today, I’m wishing for gentle, soothing, rain and soft breezes to blow thru the orchards.  I’m wishing for the kind of weather that people say we used to have here.  I’m wishing for bright crisp days and cool moist nights. The photo above is how our orchard should look and did look five years ago.  Instead of that vision, we have brown grass, no apples and brown wasted leaves on the trees. (below) These poor trees are many years old, and they are struggling. I think they are depressed along with my roses, hosta and weeping cherry.   I’m wishing for consistency Mr. Weather.   Can you please just do that huh?

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