What to do…..

We’ve all been there.  What do you do when the painting you’ve been working on for hours is the worst painting you’ve ever done.  I know.  It sucks.  But there are some things you can do.  Here’s what I do….

First, I let it dry.  Then I take a photo and put it up on my computer.  Sometimes if I walk away from the actual painting and then critique it in photoshop something happens.  I can see what I should have done or need to do to fix. it.

Second.  Can part of it be saved?  Cover parts of it up with a piece of paper and see if some part of it is salvageable.  If it is, then paint over the part that’s not.  I’ve had lots of happy accidents doing this.

I just painted over the middle of this painting with black and then I could see the painting starting to go where I wanted.  Don’t be afraid.  It’s your canvas and paint.  Just go ahead and free yourself up to make mistakes.  I promise you that your art will be better because of it.  Promise.

Third.  Maybe it can’t be saved.  We all have paintings that just didn’t work.  Okay, paint over the whole thing.  For years and years I saved all of it.  Even the bad stuff.  Hey I’m with you, I know how hard it is to get rid of even the bad stuff.  Then, one day when I was out of canvas….I started into my stash of bad art and just painted over it.  Re-use, recycle.  And you know what?  It freed me up to realize that I wasn’t going to have to hold onto all that stuff, it’s not permanent….just paint over it.  Make a mistake?  Learn from it and create something with it.  Best way to learn in the whole ding dang world.  True Story.



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