Let’s talk about Pastels….


Literally…is there anything as downright dang good as a box of creamy hand rolled pastels?.  I could just eat them up.  And even though I now have to wear gloves and a mask to use them (I’m sort of allergic to them) they are still my first love.  And even though they are still what I’m truly best at…everyone says so…..I don’t use them that often anymore.  Can’t afford to frame them.  Oh yeah, they have to be framed, no choice.  I don’t frame my own art.  I’m not great with power tools although my sister is. Power tools scare me.  They have to be framed and matted.  The double whammy.  So, I don’t use them often but I dream about them.  Dream you say?  You think that’s odd?  I do too, but it’s true.  I always imagine any art that I create in pastels first.  Then I pull out the paint and slap it on the canvas.  Kind of sad now that I think about it because that means that the paint is second best. Don’t tell my acrylics ok?

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