Tomorrow…we conquer the world!

Who’s with me?  Doesn’t it seem easier to just conquer the world tomorrow?  This is how we procrastinate right?  We’ll conquer the world tomorrow and today we’ll…I don’t know….surf the net looking for new ideas, write a blog post, clean the kitchen (in case the world we conquered wants to come to lunch).  But…nothing gets done tomorrow because while we were cleaning the kitchen…we realized we are out of cleaning supplies and we’ve got to go shopping.

I told the kids recently that they need a bucket list for the summer.  Not just fun stuff but stuff they need to get accomplished.  Otherwise, I told them wisely, nothing will be accomplished at the end of the summer.  Of course, I did not take my own advice.  And, oddly  enough…here I am not conquering the world today.  I really hate when the advice that was meant for them turns out to be for me.


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