Do you believe in Magic?


Here’s what I think….I think magic is more subtle and far-reaching than we know.  Perhaps the tricks and tv stunts we’ve been taught to call “magic” have stunted our magic-y sense.

But don’t you think it’s magic when a breeze comes blowing in from no where?  You can’t see it, there’s no resistance (that you can feel) in the air.  and still it blows whethor you believe it or not.  Or when you suddenly get just the thing you were needing and didn’t even know you needed it?  Or when you’re thinking of someone and they call?

It just seems to me to be amazing that light refracts before it hits the water.  How does it know?  And that little pieces of matter (I forget what they’re called) change when they’re observed.  oh you call that quantum physics?  I call it magic.

It’s like the internet.  I’m a reasonably well educated woman.  But it seems to me that the internet is so much bigger than it’s parts… that it’s not even the same thing it started out as.  Take music…some strings, some wood or plastic, some notes….but music is so much more than that….that right there? ….that ineffable something?….I call that magic.  Or consider art…..some paper, some paint….and look at the end result.  Someone has conveyed an emotion or an idea without ever talking to you.  Magic.  In the flesh.  Yes siree bob tail.


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