What a beautiful Place…

I’ve been thinking alot about Abundance too…how to manifest it.  What it means to me, why it’s important.  I don’t just mean money…although, money is just a form of energy like abundance.  But more importantly, what it means to have an abundant life.  I was brought up to work 8-5  or 8-until whenever.  My generation was taught that hard work=abundance, success. But, after 9-11, the economy changed and a lot of us were not flexible enough to change with it.

A lot of us have been re-thinking the American Dream.  Just look around.  Is it really important to have things, instead of fellowship and integrity, and memories with your family.  Can you do both?  Can we give our children an education and still live our life outside of work?  Can we “go green” so that our abundance can be passed onto our children and grandchildren.  Not just in America but all over the world?  Can we pass on peace and prosperity instead of war and pollution?  I don’t know and the truth is….if I did know I would be queen of the world.  Since I’m not, you can bet that I, like so many people, am plodding along trying to figure it out in the time I have here.

I wonder..what sort of intellectual and emotional abundance it would take America to change our projectory, re-group and do the right thing.  The things we all know we are going to have to do, but haven’t because we’re waiting on someone else to start.  Here are some questions that I have…you probably have your own.  Feel free to comment.

1.  Do we really need so much technology?  Especially at the expense of some poor child in China, or at the expense of the earth? Or at the expense of our interactions as human beings?

2.  Do people really need two houses when some people don’t even have one? Or a 100,000.00 car?  Shouldn’t we have the right to buy those things if we can afford to?  How can we have our cake and eat it too?

3. How much is enough? Really…after a certain point don’t you have to ask?

4.Just because you can…does it mean you should?

5.  Does might make right? Or does only right make right.  You know as in…”do the right thing?

6. Should we be proud of ourselves or proud of our things.?

7.Do we even have an obligation to help each other.  I think we do, no matter what.  But some people think you only help those who help themselves.  What does that even mean?

8. Is left brain stuff more important than right brain stuff like art, music, literature or say farming…Really, I wonder where people think their food comes from.  A calculator?  What happens when you don’t reward artisans,farmers, and craftspeople longterm, in this world?

9.  Why should we have the right to eat ourselves into obesity when so many go to bed hungry?

10. And, lastly, because it’s not lost on me that some people can’t even ask questions like this because of the country they were born into, is it right for me to be free when so many people are not.  And what should I do about it?

Abundance…what a beautiful place it would be with friends!



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