Weirdness, self esteem and Possums

One weird thing….at least to me….(Oh who am I kidding?  I find a lot of things to be really weird.  LIke for instance, possums) As an artist I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time trying NOT to be noticed.  I never wanted the spot light, don’t want to be in front of big crowds, say a quick “thank you” when someone compliments my art and then look away…effectively making sure there are no followup conversations. I’m especially uncomfortable if the art that’s being complimented was easy for me.  Does this happen to you?    I find it very difficult to self promote.  Why?  I guess we were taught as kids not to brag.  To let the other person have credit.  blah de blah.  right?  But think about the poor possum.  I don’t know how many times I’ve thought to myself at seeing a dead possum in the road…..  Hey Possum, that whole playing dead thing is not a good survival technique.  Is this is a metaphor for me.?  Most likely, and yeah, and don’t you hate it when that happens?    So why is it so hard?   Who knows?  It’s probably something a little different for everyone but I bet they all come back to self esteem.  To knowing that what you have is unique to you.  And no one else.  And that it is all worth something.

Our society doesn’t always reward artisanship.  Or craft cooties. And it will most certainly run you over if you’re playing dead in the road…can I get a big “amen” to that?   We have to create a world where those things are valued.  Else it will never change. Who will do it if we don’t?  This is my question,  and the answer is probably nobody but you can do it.  Just something to think about as you go about spreading your art today!  Stand up, quit playing dead.   Possums Unite and Conquer the world!  Bumper stickers on sale soon…lol.

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