so here’s the thing.  You have to believe right?  Somewhere on the continuum between facts and faith….resides belief.  Especially if you’re an artist.  Especially then.  You have to know that someone, somewhere will look at what you put out into the world, the little snippets of your soul that you’ve sent out like butterflies and recognize them for what they are.  You have to know that you can continue to spread art cooties even when no one recognizes them for what they are.  Because you know each little snippet for what it is….. a declaration of why you’re here on earth.  It’s your calling, your communication with something greater than yourself, your passion, your love letter to the universe.  All those and …it’s some paint on paper or canvas. Now that can be classified as real magic.  True story.

One thought on “Believe

  1. I couldn’t agree more. The main difference being that I paint with words. Brushes don’t respond well in my unsteady hands. We all want our offerings to be well received by as many as possible, recognized as the gifts they are for the betterment of all–our contribution to the fabric of humanity.

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