It’s Morning here on Orchard Road…la la la

Okay I admit that I am a morning person.  Which is a good thing because some dogs, several cats and sometimes one of the kids wake me up early every morning.  I also have to admit that I’m addicted to photos of apple trees.  My twin sister says “Sissy take photos of something different” but I can’t I’m obsessed.  Raise your hand if this happens to you.  Right?  Easy to get obsessed with certain images. Oh I plan to paint this one soon.  You’ll see.  Those fluffy pink clouds in the sky are just too good not to paint.

So I live in a converted apple shed in the middle of an apple orchard.  On Orchard road. (because what else would it be called?)  This is not quite as cool as it sounds.  lol.  Well it is cool,  but very noisy sometimes. This is an orchard under production.  My husband is a fifth generation apple farmer, a poet, and an author.  You can find his scrumptious work here…  Anyways…trucks and tractors and sprayers and what not are all hard at work at all hours of the day and evening.  And then there are those darn trees.  Those shapes that if I could just get it right….on paper or canvas.  It’s a case of apple tree cooties.  I’ve caught them.  For sure.

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