I cried all the way home….

I cried all the way home

I thought about writing this post….about another mass shooting….and it just made me weary and sick.  There are so many factors that we can’t control when it comes to the safety of our children and grandchildren.  Disease and weather and car accidents and health issues, etc.  I’m bewildered that we as a country would choose greed over something we CAN control.  This isn’t about our “right to bear arms” this is about a company’s right to “sell” assault weapons.  This is about the biggest and most successful propaganda advertising campaign in the history of America. If your first reaction when you read this is….”americans can’t give up their right to bear arms, it’s constitutional”….or “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”…or “we can’t legislate mental illness” …or any of that other crap?  Then you’ve been taken in by the campaign of the gun lobbyists.  I’m sorry but it’s true.

Those companies that sell those assault rifles…the ones who stock goes up every time there is a mass shooting…? Those people are the ones who have you fooled.  And your constitutional right to bear arms does not include assault rifles.  Was never meant to include those. I’m sorry but it’s true.

The fact that America has the same number of deaths as Yemen when it comes to terrorist activities(and yes I count school massacres as terrorism of the worst kind).  The fact that America is 4% of the population of the world and owns 47% of the guns in the world…..I’m sorry but those things are true too.

During the 2010s (as of 14 February 2018) there were 143 shootings…. The total number of school-children killed by bullets to date (as of 1 February 2018) is 218 school-children. Those children died in terror and pain….just as if we had sent them out into a war zone.  I’m sorry but it’s true. These are the facts.  In the entire period of the 1800’s 29 children were killed by guns.  29.

These are the facts but do they really matter?  If one, just one of those children could have been saved…by your vote…would you be willing to do it?  As a people, we haven’t been willing to save even one.  I’m beyond sorry but that’s true too.


“one runs the risk of weeping a little if one let’s oneself be tamed”  I was thinking about this the other day as I watched my granddaughter absolutely demand what she needed.  My daughter said to me…”she’s a wild child today”. I laughed, in sympathy,  and carried on with my day.  I had a thought when I came to my journal though…when did we give up demanding what we need? How are we as women taught in oh so many ways to give in, give up, change our minds, hide, pretend, smooth over, reconcile and just be different in one way or another?  (I don’t believe it’s only women but that’s the only experience I can speak to) Why haven’t we supported each other in our quest for those things we really really need?  Respect, equal pay, emotional freedom, freedom to make decisions about our own bodies….freedom from fear of physical harm….why why why haven’t we risen up and fought for these things? Why didn’t our mothers? Maya Angelou said “when you know better you do better”.   I’ve always agreed with that but just lately given the things going on in the world….  I wonder.  I wonder alot. Just things that I’m pondering over here in the snowy orchard today!

Because I Can

Someone famous said…and I can’t pull their name from my brain right now…”if when you get up in the morning all you can think about is making art …then you are an artist.” I heard that loud and clear many years ago now…some twenty years I guess. I started working then to believe that. One day I was doing a show, back when I worked with pastels…and I listened to people talking about my art…and one woman said “oh I ‘d love that painting if it were in lavender. Could you paint it for me in lavender”? And I just had an aha moment. My art isn’t a burger from Burger king. (by the way if you’re outside the states that’s a fast food place who used to have the slogan “have it your way”) You can’t have it your way. It’s my way or no way. I’m the artist. Maybe the one place in my life that I get to say that. IT”S MY WAY. When I really, really internalized that…I started to be ok with creating truthful art ….because I am doing it my way. I’m telling my truth. Because I can!!  I still have those voices that say…don’t post that, people will think you’re not good enough, or you’re not an artist or whatever. And then I just say to myself and those voices…I’m doing it my way. Get out of my way….I’m an artist and that means being brave enough to listen to myself and tell the truth. My job an an artist is to know how I feel so that I can convey that to you. I can’t know how I feel if I’m worried about how you feel. Does this resonate at all?

The Storytellers

I was thinking today as I finished filming on The Down Deep…..”The Storytellers” is the last lesson in the series….and it occurred to me that this is really what we all want in life.  To tell our story.  To be heard.  To be acknowledged that we have been heard.  But here’s the thing, we really only need to tell our story to ourselves in order to be acknowledged.  Our truth and the way it informs our art/story is our own.  It doesn’t have to be told to anyone else.  Although we live in a society that seemingly tells everything, it’s not really necessary for everyone to know your story. It is imperative however that you know it.   It’s imperative that you not only know it, but that you incorporate it into your emotional and spiritual landscape. In other words…tell the truth to yourself.  There’s plenty of untruths circulating in our world today without adding to them.  Just a thought….because seriously…it’s important that we start somewhere.

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The Down Deep

Hey everyone….I’m so pleased to announce this class…”The Down Deep”. When we are stuck in our thinking mind, we can forget that we are creative beings with many different stories to tell. Beneath our “thinking mind” are hidden stories, skills, resources, positive values, dreams, and desires. In the down deep we listen for indications of strength and knowledge within our own life stories. In this course you will learn how to put into practice new ways of “seeing”, of mining the down deep of your subconscious. This is a way to begin to understand yourself and your world thru your art. I hope you’ll join me for this creative journey! Woot!Click on the link for more details! https://www.artismagic.online/the-down-deep


Energy does expand…..Or why you should cheer on your peers!

A friend of mine recently asked me…”why do you share other artists posts about their classes or successes.  Aren’t you a little jealous?”  “Aren’t you afraid that your students will become their students..etc.”?  The answer to that is a big NO. No I’m not afraid, no I’m not envious, no I don’t think my classes will suffer.  No, no, no to all of that.  Do I wish their success was mine? No. Because then I would have to create like them, or be them and I can’t do that.  So that would be a big fail lol.

What I do think is this…there is enough success to go around for everyone.  If you don’t believe that than just look out into the world.  Lots and lots and lots of successful people.   On every level and in every business.  Not just financially successful,  but emotionally and spiritually successful.  It’s not like there are two spots in the success business,  and you just got mine.  If you truly believe in success than you know that it is infinite and not finite.   My spot can’t be taken by you. If I gain my spot it does not cause you to lose yours.

And let me just say as an aside here…I see a lot of stuff about people copying someone else’s style.  Or their ideas. I’m a strong believer that we all sometimes copy in order to learn. (while of course giving credit to the teacher for that style as we are learning)  But long term…copiers won’t be successful.  They don’t have the same inspiration as the original artist. Their art will not be their own and will tend to fall flat. I can copy lots of styles for a short amount of time…but long term it doesn’t work for me and it won’t work for them.   I tend to ignore those people and go on about my creative life.  Ain’t nobody got time for all that!  And still those people are not “taking” my spot. To the copiers I would say…if you want a sure fire way to stop the creative energetic flow….keep it up! Because all of that copying crap comes from fear of not being good enough and laziness.  And that kind of fear/attitude is death to your art practice.  Just saying.

Back to the most important reason you should cheer on your peers.  Because it takes a village.  That’s why.  It takes friends, and supporters to even start to be successful in the art world.  It takes an amazing amount of energy and practice and just all around knowledge to begin the journey.   I applaud that in others,  I applaud that in you…I applaud that in myself.  I want you to cheer me on as I’m on the journey, to be smiling at me because you are happy for me.  Just as I am happy for you.  Your success is my success because it gets the energy moving.  See how that works?  That right there is how energy expands and fills up the world.  Thank you!  You’re welcome!